Safety entrances of GSM

Manufactured solidly, sturdily and of high quality.

To guarantee a safe access to your machines, GSM delivers in addition to its safety fence systems high-quality components such as turning doors, sliding doors or lifting doors. These components are developed and manufactured in the high quality GSM is known for. You won’t be able to find better solutions within the range of safety accesses for machines, especially in connection with our safety fence systems.

The big advantage of these accesses is:
The access units of all systems are delivered pre-assembled. This allows very short assembly times, whether for turning doors, lifting doors or sliding doors, whether for automatic or manual use.

We secure the promised quality:
The electrical functions of the manufactured safety entrances are examined under power in our company.  So we can exclude production errors to almost 100%.
The electrical connection of our safety entrances consists of:

  • Safety switches
  • Registration button
  • Key switches
  • Acknowledgement button
  • Emergency stop switches

All electrical components are completely wired in the square tube and arranged and installed user-friendly. The interface from the safety accesses to the user switch cabinet is a standardized plug connection. This allows a very short assembly time.

All GSM of systems are characterized by:
Two solutions for different needs and requirements, but always in the first-class GSM quality.

Advantages of turning doors

The right choice: Turning doors of GSM. The product range can be seen here.

Benefits Turning doors

Advantages of sliding doors

Quality at the highest stage: Sliding doors of GSM.
Electrically driven and pneumatically powered sliding door solutions of superior quality.

Benefits Sliding doors

Advantages of lifting doors

Excellently processed:
Lifting doors of GSM. The lifting doors are delivered in the high quality GSM is known for. The basic features can be seen here.

Benefits Lifting doors