GSM 3000 safety access

In a class on its own: easy to install, safe and solid

GSM 3000 - The extremely solid and secure safety accesses guarantee a maximum of security with their sophisticated and detailed solutions.  The first-class processing and the high-quality components of our safety accesses ensure a long service life and an excellent functionality in use.

Due to its distinctive dimensions of the post of 80 x 80 mm and the special frame profile the system shows an outstanding solid optic in the premium segment.
Individual solutions adapted to your requirements can be realised easily. Feel free to contact us.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Pre-assembled delivery to your work site
  • Simple assembly (no tools needed)
  • Proven safety under power
  • High stability is given, also on uneven floor
  • Fastest assembly time of all products on the market

Design of  turning door

  • Solid design by 80 x 80 mm steel tubing profile and portal building method
  • Standard heights  of 1800 mm and 2200 mm available
  • Single- or double-leaf turning doors are available in different designs
  • Highest stableness  by large base plate (220 mm x 80 mm)
  • Changes of the door hinge sides can be made easily at site.
  • A full-wired electrical entrance mechanism which is integrated in the post, is optionally available
  • Quick assembly of the turning doors through a delivery completely pre-assembled

Design  of sliding door

  • Sliding doors for transfer of material
  • Pneumatically driven and electrically connected (incl. register, acknowledgement, emergency-stop etc.)
  • Quick assembly because of pre-assembled components
  • Also available in telescope design available
  • Tracking with ball-bearing carriage

Design of lifting door

  • Lifting doors which can be opened vertically for transfer of material or people
  • Lifting doors, driven manually or automatically (electrically or pneumatically)
  • Tracking with ball-bearing carriage
  • Solid design with 160 x 80 mm posts


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