GSM 2000

The perfect all-around solution

GSM 2000 – The all-around solution among the machine safety fence systems offers numerous application options because of its simple and solid design.

Flexibility at its best:
With 8 different standard heights and 16 different standard widths the GSM 2000 is adaptable to almost every user requirements.

The GSM 2000 system is not only proved as a machine safety fence system. This solid and reasonably priced system can also be used as a safety perimeter fence for storage areas or other areas where safety is important. And certainly –designed in the high level of quality that GSM is known for.

Advantages at a glance:

  • The GSM 2000 arrives pre-assembled at your work site
  • Simple assembly (no tools needed)
  • innovative, patented suspension fixture
  • Infinitely variable angle from -90 to +90 degrees with an optional, tilting distance piece
  • Easy and simple mounting of cable conduits to the safety fence
  • High stability is given; also on uneven surfaces

Design of posts

  • Solid design with 50 x 50 steel tube profile
  • Standard system available in heights from 1,400 mm to 2,700 mm in 200 mm grids
  • Solid stableness because of extra large base plate (150 x 50 mm)
  • Post can be bolted to the floor with M10 or M12 gudgeon
  • Throughout welded seam between base plate and steel tube profile
  • Quick assembly because of pre-assembled post units

Design of suspension fixture

  • The patented suspension fixture in connection with the special screw at the post can be assembled easily without tools.
  • Disassembly is only possible with tools (safety regulation according to DIN EN 953)
  • Potential equalisation through “smart inner workings“ of the distance piece
  • Flexible adjustment with a tilting distance piece, infinitely variable within the range of -90° to + 90° (the exchange of the distance piece is carried out on site).
  • All components are delivered pre-assembled. Special screw at the post, distance piece at the safety fence

Design of safety fences

  • Extremely high stiffness of the safety fence is guaranteed by a welded frame construction
  • All screen bars are welded to the frame of the safety fence
  • Reinforcement of the steel frame with additional horizontal steel bars
  • Slot notch  < 20 mm
  • Special filling material instead of wire mesh fence available on request
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